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 The On-line Show for everyday, extra-ordinary business owners & entrepreneurs

The Business Talk Show is a talkshow presented by me a Northern, opinionated 50 something who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16 when I started my own letting agency in Preston, Lancashire. I'm now older, slightly wiser & Director of the Watt family's firm of accountants & business advisors based in Torquay, Devon

I'm a father of 12 children to Sharon, my utterly amazing wife of 30 years who keeps me as sane as I'm ever likely to get. Together we've ran our own property company for ten years and various other businesses that worked our large family unit. Along the way we've seen our fair share of ups and downs, learnt some hard but good lessons along the way as we all do in business

I have always had an incredible passion for small businesses and love to hear the stories, anecdotes, about personal journeys (including the downs as well as the ups) that all business owners and entrepreneurs go through. My guests are chosen from around the UK and beyond because they are truly inspiring and epitomise the true spirit of the entrepreneur.

My shows are hopefully informative, enlightening, funny and entertaining. I use the admittedly not very scientific approach of copious amounts of cups of tea and a biscuit selection to tease my guests life stories out of them. What will they reveal? Only time and tea will reveal. (It's a Northern thing...).


If you are business owner, serial entrepreneur or a new start up looking to promote yourself and your new business then I'd love to hear from you and get you on the show.